Huawei, once the tech giant is facing economic crisis at the hands of Google under the new States policies. Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd is multinational telecommunications equipment and consumer electronics manufacturing company which was established in 1987 by Ren Zhengfei in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. Ren Zhengfei and his company with the help of reverse engineering, foreign technology with local researchers in his R&D institutes was enabled to manufacture China’s first most powerful phone switches. With the passage of time Ren Zhengfei has invested more and more on R&D and has reversed engineered the foreign technology. As a result of which Huawei is now considered one of the leading telecommunication equipment manufacturer after overtaking Ericsson place in 2012, and the 2nd largest smartphone manufacturer next to Samsung after leaving Apple behind in 2018. According to an estimate there are twenty one research and development (R&D) institutes of Huawei across the globe, and it has spent almost US$13. 8 billion on R&D only in 2017. So, with the huge share of investment on R&D department Huawei is able to become one of the globally authorized telecommunications equipment and consumer electronics manufacturer.

Huawei was successfully covering its journey in the telecom sector to reach at the top that sudden news of Huawei ban from the usage of Android services has spread around. In the light of initial news report Google has suspended Huawei to use its Android services in the recent wave of US and China trade skirmishes. In the late hours of 21st May, 2019, it has been reported by international news channels that Google has officially announced to Work with Huawei for next 90 days under the temporary ease of restrictions by US Government. In the current wave of uncertainty Huawei users are confused and worried that their cell phone’s future. It would be earlier to predict Huawei future in the shadow of current skirmishes. Though, Global Times has predicted HongMeng OS as the new operating system of Huawei in case of ban continuity.

The Global Times in one of its reports has clearly reported that Huawei will use HongMeng OS (a new operating system), which is the alternate of android system to facilitate its worldwide users. The circulation of Huawei ban news is where a substantial gust against Huawei’s future. It is also a big shock for its present users. They seem to be in a state of confusion. Where they are thinking of replacing their Huawei smart devices with other company’s smartphone. If in case Huawei’s users have switched their Huawei’s smartphone with smartphone of some other company, then it will be a big blow on Huawei’s annual revenue. Now here comes a question whether it’s only Huawei that is blacklisted in US recently blacklisted list or are there some other companies too? Furthermore, on what basis Huawei has been blacklisted? How Huawei can be out of the blacklisted list? What is the criterion of blacklisting any company within State laws? The news report of Reuters 15th May, 2019 US Commerce Department has added 70 affiliates with Huawei Technologies Co Ltd in Entity List. As far as the cause of Huawei blacklisting is concerned. It is generally believed by US officials that Huawei is a potential threat to national security and it is also identified in the 2012 Congressional report of States. At the moment it is not clear how Huawei can be out of blacklisted list. Despite, it is quite evident that any company can be blacklisted in US. If it appears to work against State laws or is a potential threat to national security or her foreign interests. This whole situation arises three main questions that are:

  1. How long Google will continue to work with Huawei?
  2. What will be the consumer reactions towards Huawei?
  3. What is the backup plan of Huawei?
  1. How long Google will continue to work with Huawei?

Under the States direction Google has officially announced that it will continue to work with Huawei for next 90 days. After that it will depend on Huawei’s negotiations with US officials and Google decision makers.

  1. What will be the consumer reactions towards Huawei?

The current users of Huawei are not in trouble. Google services will continue to operate in the present Huawei consumers’ device, except the services that are operated by third parties via Google PlayStore and the Google maps. With ban it is also speculated that Huawei users can’t update their devices if the ban has continued. As they will not get updates and moreover, they can’t even access the Google maps or any such services.

  1. What is the backup plan of Huawei?

The backup plan (contingency plan or plan B) of Huawei appears to be in a new operating system. Whose name identified by Global Times is HongMeng OS. It is presumed that its functionality and working mechanics are close to the Android operating system. Although it is clear that Google will continue to work with Huawei for next 90 days on Android system, but what will happen after 90 days… Does Google revoke the ban on Huawei completely after 90 days and the matters will come back to normalcy as they were before. Or Google will permanently ban Huawei after 90 days. What if the ban on Huawei is continued? We have talked about this matter to one of the tech experts and he opined three options which we will cover in our separate blog. Thus, in the meantime Huawei’s future is in the hands of its current consumers. It all depends on Huawei’s consumers’ general reaction towards it ban news. So, if you are Huawei’s consumer good news at the moment your device future is in your hands at least for 90 days, later no one knows what is going to happen. Hence, this is a short story of Huawei’s Journey from Android to Unforeseen…