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Welcome to our world of innovation and excitement, where we breathe life into pixels and transform ideas into captivating mobile games. With a passion for creativity and a commitment to delivering unparalleled gaming experiences.

At the forefront of mobile app innovation, we are your trusted ally in turning concepts into cutting-edge mobile experiences. Our team is dedicated to crafting seamless and user-centric mobile applications that redefine the digital landscape.

Embark on a journey of unparalleled sophistication with our iOS mobile app development expertise. we meticulously design and engineer innovative solutions, ensuring seamless and immersive experiences for the Apple ecosystem.

Step into a realm of limitless imagination with our VR games development team. Pioneering innovation, we craft immersive virtual worlds that redefine gaming, pushing the boundaries of technology to deliver unparalleled and unforgettable experiences

We blend cutting-edge technology with visionary creativity. Harness the power of artificial intelligence as we craft intelligent and intuitive applications that redefine the way users interact with technology, setting new standards for innovation and efficiency.

We specialize in strategic monetization solutions. With a keen understanding of market dynamics, we empower businesses to optimize their digital assets and unlock sustainable growth through tailored and effective monetization strategies.

 We drive impactful growth for your digital presence. Harnessing targeted strategies and data-driven insights, we ensure your brand reaches the right audience, maximizing user acquisition and propelling your success in the competitive digital landscape.

We are the architects of brand elevation and audience engagement. With a blend of creativity and data-driven precision, we craft campaigns that resonate, captivate, and propel your brand to new heights in the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing.

Our Developers Team

Over the past six years of hiring developers, we’ve gained valuable insights into maintaining the happiness, motivation, productivity, and growth of our team. At HazelMobile, we specialize in developing cutting-edge mobile apps designed to seamlessly integrate into users’ daily routines. Our portfolio also includes advanced applications driven by artificial intelligence.
We prioritize the well-being of our developers, offering them ample opportunities for learning, professional growth, and personal development. Our commitment extends to providing tools within our app that empower them to stay productive and maintain both their physical and mental health. By ensuring a supportive environment, we enable our developers to concentrate their efforts on crafting exceptional products that resonate with our users.

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1.5 Billion+ Downloads

Surpassing the 1.5 billion download milestone, our success echoes the resounding embrace of innovation and user trust, propelling us towards a future defined by limitless possibilities and global impac

220+ Human Resources

At the heart of every thriving software house beats the pulse of exceptional human resource – the driving force behind innovation, collaboration, and the seamless execution of transformative ideas, shaping the very foundation of success and progress.

Hazel Mobile has been the Largest Global Software Company for more than 6 years, making it the most trusted Games and Apps in the region.

Latest News

Google Think Apps – Build The Future

Think Apps, the first and the biggest offline event focused on apps and games, was held by Google in Lahore. The event saw more than 500 developers, in addition to business and industry leaders from around the country, come together to learn how to bring Pakistani-made apps and games to the world.


Gemini – The most capable AI Model

Every technology shift is an opportunity to advance scientific discovery, accelerate human progress, and improve lives. I believe the transition we are seeing right now with AI will be the most profound in our lifetimes, far bigger than the shift to mobile or the web before it. AI has the potential


Global Coin – Facebook New Crypto Drive

Facebook, the top-notch social media tech giant once the only social site is now on a novel drive to crypto currency. Yes, Facebook has recently announced the launching of its own new crypto currency in 2020 with the name of Global Chain. According to sources,