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Excellent design and animations highlight the main idea of the game, – to create an atmosphere involving players in the exciting world of the game. All of our gaming products are created using the latest technology and are characterized by high-quality art, a large number of competitive elements, and social communication in games. Our gaming products are mobile-friendly, as well as simple and clear for the user. Hazel Mobile has been working for you for more than five years so you can enjoy the best games now!

A group of certified android engineers devoted to building impactful applications and games to achieve our community goals. Hazel Mobile is a mobile app development IT Company that designs and develops impactful Android and IOS apps. We’re passionate about leveraging mobile technology – including iOS, Android, and Unity to build entire IT companies and reach their loftiest goals. Another goal of Hazel Mobile is to spread knowledge. We are a team with one journey and one destination. Our app development is rapidly growing.

Hazel Mobile brings new ideas to the table and developed unique strategies that would help us achieve our goals and deliver. IOS mobile applications developed by us not only fulfill the demands of our community but also opens up new opportunities for them. Hazel Mobile app and games Development Company strives to create products that enable our community to enhance their business growth. . Our 150+ employees work on multiple platforms including iOS and Android Games and Apps. We’re dependable, dedicated, and persistent. We have a strong work ethic.

We collaborate with our community to drive true innovation – the kind that transforms an idea into an industry – enabling them to achieve a competitive advantage. Hazel Mobile turning decisions into action and delivers outcomes with utmost perfection. VR has hit the mainstream – here are our picks for the best games and apps you can download for iPhone and Android. There are plenty of VR experiences available and we’ve listed the best android and iOS

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We’ve learned from 05 years of hiring developers how to sustain their happiness, motivation, productivity and growth.

Every HazelMobile developer is provided with opportunities to learn, grow, stay productive and help maintain their physical and mental health using our application rxasap.mobi so that you can focus on product


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The Largest Growing Digital Games Publisher of Pakistan.

Hazel Mobile has been the Largest Global Software Company for more than 5 years, making it the most trusted Games and Apps in the region.

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WOW – I don’t know what else to say. Great company, and always download the newest games from here. Hazel Mobile Games are more creative and exciting.

Katherine Bridge

Great Company! I have download lot of apps and games from here. Hazel Games are awesome.

Stephen Cronin, Envato Quality Team Leader